Each person eats differently according to climate, gender, exercise and intuitive cravings. One person’s optimal diet can be another persons’ poison. We need to listen to our bodies intuitively and with that, we begin feeling more comfortable to follow our other intuitions in life.

My services – all customizable to best meet your needs:

  • In-depth one on one nutrition and wellness coaching in-person or via phone.
  • Educational wellness workshops: Corporate and personal.
  • Pantry raid: Yes, everything in moderation but what’s in there that really shouldn’t be?
  • Grocery store tour: Navigating the isles, zoning out the food marketing, saving where you can and spending where it matters.
  • Healthy, easy and informative cooking classes: Chef I am not, foodie I am. I don’t eat it if it doesn’t taste good and neither should you.
  • Zen-ify your space: your body shouldn’t be in disarray and neither should your home. Coming home to a cluttered, disorganized and hectic space doesn’t bode well for your mind or body. I will work with you to create a space that makes you smile.

All clients will receive:

  • Email support as needed between sessions.
  • My simple and informative handouts increasing your personal nutritional knowledge.
  • Full access to my lending library of health books.
  • Access to my arsenal of recipes as well as recipe suggestions based on the foods you love.

Together, we work to dramatically improve your health and wellness through a holistic approach that focuses on all elements of your life and how they are interconnected.

You will learn how to integrate more nutritional foods into your diet to increase your energy, confidence, and immune function. You should experience improved sleep quality, reduced stress and anxiety and a decrease in digestive problems through improved healthy choices. You will feel comfortable in your body. You will feel more like you.

Reach out to schedule a free 45 minute consultation with me where we will review your health history and goals for your future. We will explore ways I can support you and create a customized program set out to deliver the results you want to achieve.